Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Writing Challenge For Today - Of Children & Politics

On this the birthday of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, during a presidential election year - think about this:
   PBS TV commentator Bill Moyers recently suggested that viewers offer their suggestions of which books a president should take to the White House with her or him.
   One viewer wrote in and suggested Dr Seuss's THE LORAX, HORTON HEARS A WHO, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO, IF I RAN THE ZOO
    To put some other, innovative, twists on this invitation:
<> think about why that viewer suggested Dr Seuss's books for children
(somewhere at this Moyer's PBS Web page, you can find a link to a video clip with an answer given by the person who recommended these books:

<> think about which book you would suggest that  young members of the First Family bring to the White House, and why.
<>Lyn suggests, for example, in general:
> a book about their young predecessors
> a book by a young predecessor
> books on issues of concern to young people of their own generation
> books that, like Dr Seuss's, can reveal something important that a First Daughter or Son needs to know

Your Challenge: what would you suggest, or what might you try to write, in the categories referred to above, or in another category you might think of, for a young member of the First Family?

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