Thursday, October 31, 2013


Today Is Halloween, Or Hallow's Eve, in the U.S.
Take A Moment To Muse About This: Have You Ever, As A Writer, Been "Haunted" By, Or Obsessed With, An Idea; Or A Thought That Won't Go Away?

Does It Seem to You To Be Something Like Poe's Raven Who Keeps Knock, Knock, Knocking, On The Door To A Room Called A "Chamber" Where A Poem's Narrator Lives?

Do You "Evermore" Feel As If You're Urgently Being Urged To Take, Or Inevitably Being Drawn Into Taking, A "Journey" -- A "Journey" That's Actually A Writing Experience That Becomes Something, Is Based On, Flowers From, That "Haunting" Idea or Thought?
If Such A Situation Has Happened To You, Share It; or, Imagine This Situation Happening To You And Go On That Journey: WRITE SOMETHING Whether Story or Essay or Poem, Based On That "Haunting" Idea Or Thought. Maybe Connect It To This Day.
Go On. Take "The Journey." Follow A "Yellow Brick Road,"  Discovering Your Own Signposts That Guide You Onward Toward "An Emerald Something."   

Monday, April 1, 2013


As spring struggles to gain a foothold with the start of this month, note ...

There is the concept that particular places and certain experiences can create something momentous  (on a grand or subtle scale) for people who happen upon them, rather then look for them.

Imagine a particular place a young person may visit, or an experience a young person may have, maybe each serendipitously - by chance.

Think of a scenario that involves one or more young people in an adventure as suggested above.

For some help, consider the wonder of a butterfly as a child may experience it.

Go to and find out about what someone believes these special spaces or places to actually be.