Saturday, May 2, 2009

Writing Challenge Based On Special Literary Time

Note the National Picture Book Writing Week contest page at If that's your type of writing, give it a try (participating when it's time, or doing it as a writing challenge you give yourself). OR if you write something other than picture books, try a writing exercise that inspires you based on a special day or month designated for some other type of writing. For example: Novel Writing Month, Poetry Month, a Favorite Author's Birthday, or an anniversary year based on the time of publication of one of your favorite children's book. Good luck.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Writer Profile and You

In a variation of an actual contest posted somewhere, write a six word or six sentence profile or memoir of a well known children's writer; then write one of yourself as the writer you are or are aiming to be.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Challenge - ''Politics'' Not As Usual

See the writer's challenge: "Letters from the White House" at In a variation of this challenge, write a short story, poem, or letter, written from a young person's point of view. The young person should be someone connected to the First Family or someone who has had a direct or brief moment of contact with the Presidential Family. It can be a writing by an actual young First Family member from the past or present. Include something of importance to the young writer about the historical time in which the chosen First Family lives or has lived. You may also write something from the viewpoint of another young person who is or was somehow in contact with the young members of the First Family. It may be, for example, a young person whose relative works at the White House, or someone from the public who wants to tell a young First Family member a special concern, with the hope that this concern will be handled.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

When Thinking Of Something To Write

Some librarians and editors sometimes suggest subjects that writers should write about for young readers, because not much has been written on these subjects. Sometimes, too, these people suggest subjects that have been written about too much, and writers should avoid them. Dare to Take Up This Challenge: Find a subject one of these people suggest writers should avoid because they have been written about often, then brainstorm and come up with a new unique angle that only you have thought of, then write something fictional or nonfictional using this angle. Dare to send it out to show that there are an infinite number of ways to write about subjects that have often been written about - AND keep in mind that maybe you have discovered one of the great ways to write on this subject.