Monday, August 6, 2007

Today's Writing Challenge - Life After Harry Potter?

Maybe you believe each book a children's writer writes should stand on its own merit, or maybe you believe that there surely must be a writer "out there" who can provide a successor (pun intended) to the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Whatever your viewpoint, take a look at this article:
"Publishers search to find Harry Potter's replacement"

Here you will see information on some suggestions of, one might say, "book life after Harry Potter."

Do you agree, or disagree, with the suggestions - or do you think there may be another writer's creation that could be the one that's successful after Harry?

Maybe its you who has a manuscript, or you who could write one, that could "fill the bill" or meet such "great expectations." Maybe its you who could even create a character that might be able to metaphorically "walk in Harry's (or Hermione's) (or Ron's) shoes," or in his/her footsteps, or beyond them, perhaps.

Ponder the possibilities. Maybe you have your own room full of secrets, or a magical gem, or _____ ... just waiting for you to wave your wand, and ....

Well, you get the idea now  :) 

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